The original business was started in 1932 by Oscar Belanger and was joined by his sons Ronald and Paul in 1966. Paul purchased the company in 1979 and subsequently sold it to the present owners, Darryl and Patti Buck in 1994.
Originally, the operation was called LaSalle Cab and later changed to City Cab. In 1966, the business was incorporated under the name Belgoma Transportation Limited with the taxi operation being known as Checker Cab.
Checker Cab is now accepting corporate requests for taxi charge accounts for staff holiday season transportation needs. Why take a chance?
22-10-2008 Details
Checker Cab adds new Hyundai Sonotas and Kia Sedonas to their fleet. This regular fleet renewal program assures out customers the very best in comfort, safety and reliablity.
31-08-2008 Details
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